Symptoms of Hearing Loss to Look out for

Ageing and loud noises are the biggest contributors to loss of hearing. Other factors, such as wax build-up, tumors, infections, and other conditions can also lead to hearing loss. Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe or profound. These levels determine how the hearing loss problem will be addressed. You can use an affordable hearing aid to improve your hearing. You can go for a hearing test if you have the following symptoms of loss of hearing.

• Asking others to repeat themselves frequently: If you find yourself repeatedly asking people to repeat their statements or needing to look at people on the lips as they are talking, you could be facing hearing loss problem.
• Having trouble hearing or understanding conversations in noisy places: People with hearing loss problem encounter this problem frequently.
• Trouble hearing children’s and women voices: This is a sign of high-frequency loss of hearing which is a very common problem. This makes it hard to hear voices from women and children.
• Using a loud volume for your TV that others find annoying: You need to go for a hearing test if you find yourself doing this constantly.
• Feeling like other people are mumbling: If you find yourself complaining that other people do not speak loud enough, you need to go for a hearing test.
• Avoiding social scenes that you used to enjoy: If you are unable to engage with other people easily, you may feel left out of conversations. If you have bad experiences of not hearing people in social gatherings, you may turn down invitations. If you are doing this more often than you used to, you can get an invisible hearing aid to allow you to enjoy the conversations again.
• Hearing ringing in your ear: This is a symptom of hearing loss or even a sign to some damage in the auditory nerve that needs to be treated.
• Others telling you that you have a hearing problem: If people tell you this and it is coupled with the issues we have highlighted above; you can take a hearing test.

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