How to Choose the Perfect Type of Fine Art Prints

Cotton rag paper is often high quality with good resilience and strength. It is made from 100 percent cotton rags or cotton threads, or sometimes a mixture of both. They are ideal for fine art prints as the texture closely mimics the look of an original fine art print. There are a variety of different types of cotton rag papers ranging from the lightest virgin cotton, to the thinnest napped cotton and also heavy weight canvas rags.

The paper can be framed to add dimension and depth to a painting. Large fine art prints can also be produced on a cotton rag with excellent quality reproductions. The paper can also be used as a palette for painting. It can be placed under a painting to hide dirt and dust. Fine art prints are created by using either a hot air machine or by using an offset printing press.

Fine art prints are often made on cotton rag paper that has a low acid base. This is because it is very delicate and sensitive to the chemicals used in the printing process. However, there are some negatives as some companies do use chemical ink which can have an adverse affect on the quality of the final print.

Some fine art prints are produced on very fine grade canvas which is covered with a UV resistant protective coating. This coating provides protection from sunlight and heat damage and also helps to keep the colors of the print bright white. This is a high quality product which is covered with a clear plastic protective sheeting. The printing process typically produces very bright white results with full color artwork.

There are many factors that are considered when producing fine art prints. One important factor is the colour gamut of the image. This refers to the range of colours that the printer can reproduce. Ideally, the most suitable range of colours for prints would be yellow to magenta. Some printers can produce images with greater than magenta ranges although this is very rare.

Another factor that is often considered when choosing fine art reproductions is the paper’s texture. The type of paper will reflect the characteristics of the printing process as well as the nature of the final print. Abrasive and smooth papers tend to have a smoother, more matte finish while rough and textured papers will exhibit a coarser, more mirror-like finish.

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